First of all, you need to keep one thing in mind: only high-quality breeding stock, good pigmentation, dense coat, healthy blood lines, great canine temperament, responsible breeding practices, a few AKC champions and AKC reg. in the blood lines make decent canine family members. If you are interested in acquiring one of my lovely puppies, you have to first finish my ‘Prospective Parents Questionnaire’ available on my website and get back to me. I want to make it clear that the placement approval for my puppies gets finalized by the ‘gut feeling’ I get while moving forward with the case. I always rely on this belief of mine, and it has served me well every single time. My puppies have the finest quality as I have been breeding different bloodlines for more than 27 years. Different bloodlines in my breeding stock include almost 52 international champions and are usually sold in exchange of 2500 USD as a personal pet along with a spay or neuter agreement. None of my puppies get placed in a home till they reach a minimum age of 10 weeks.

My sole preference is to put a puppy into a loving home, and I hold the right to decline any placement request of any of my puppies with a family for any reason that might seem to me against the puppy’s best interest. In case any payments have already been made by the potential families, but I have decided to withhold the placement, they will be provided with a full refund within a maximum time span of 10 working days after the decision.

All the transactions once carried out, are final and have an elapsing time of 72 hours after the finalization of the sale.

Male Puppies

Our Male Puppies start at $2500

Poppy’s Puppies start at: $2500

Average Yearly Litters

Every year, 10 to 15 new puppies are expected to be born from three different mothers.


Female Puppies

Our Female Puppies start at $3000.00

Poppy’s Puppies start at: $3000.00


My pups speak for themselves when it comes to quality. So I am more than willing to extend any references to any of the potential buyers about any purchases they have made from my company. Every one of my puppies holds a full support program and a health warranty for two years. La Terra Dios puppies ensure that you will never be left unaccompanied and I will always be there to offer any assistance you would need in the future. Buying from us and being a parent to one of my loveable puppies makes you not only a buyer but also a member of our ever-growing family.

Deposits aren’t taken by my company until the puppies make it to the age of 4 weeks. In the meantime, the names of the interested families are put on the ‘Very Interested List’ on a first come first serve basis. Upon the birth of new puppies, these families are notified, and the list gets updated according to families interested in taking home our healthy little Westie puppies. Once each puppy gets to the age of 4 weeks, its personality is properly analyzed to figure out if it is ready to go home to its parents. Then the family is contacted, and the whole situation is discussed with the members, including different needs of the puppy and how it may adopt to the new environment.

When a potential family seems to be open to the idea of taking the puppy home, they need to make a deposit on one of the puppies which are then nurtured and taken good care of by me personally. The final payment needs to be made when the puppy is supposed to be handed over to the family after reaching the age of 10 weeks. By the time this process moves forward, I usually know well about the potential family and welcome them as new members of my Westie family that comprise many other happy dog parents who have come before. My sole purpose is to make the family the proudest new parents on their block. Every year, 10 to 15 new puppies are expected to be born from three different mothers.

I am happy to say that after developing my website in the year 2007, I have managed to make 70 families elated by filling their homes with lovely and healthy Westie puppies, from the Atlantic shores to the coast of the Pacific. I also made some other placements before establishing this website, and I feel so thankful to every one of the parents who has been taking such good care of my puppies. I’m well aware of the fact that you are doing whatever you can to make comfortable homes for your Westie puppy. So I make every effort possible to breed Westie puppies having an extraordinary quality to accommodate to loving families like you. As mentioned earlier, every placement is carried out once I am completely satisfied with the wellbeing of my puppies. Yes, I may appear to be very picky, but if you see things from my side, you will be able to understand how important it is to maintain an excellent line of the finest Westies in the country.


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