Throughout the years we have provided families with our beautiful and wonderful Westies. We wanted to showcase our past litters as a reminder of the very special moments that we shared. If you are interested in purchasing one of our Westies, please visit the Available Dog link to learn more.

Poppy and Ranger’s Puppies




July and Teddy’s Tuesday Puppies

July was born on a Tuesday, and so it is only fitting that she gave birth to her puppies on a Tuesday. She had two males and one female: first Mr. Blue, then Ms. Purple and lastly Mr. Black. July is on the small side for a Westie and Teddy is a well-formed strong-boned male so these puppies, although normal size, were a little big for July’s petite frame. By Tuesday evening she is resting, and her babies are nursing. Gotta love the happy sound of little whimpering puppies looking for warmth, food and snuggle time with mom and siblings.

Only two photos on the birthday. More pictures will come once momma and babies get rest and can tolerate my weighing, writing notes and taking pictures.


Mr. Blue male, 1 week

Ms Purple female, 1 week

Mr. Black male, 1 week

Family 1 week old

Mr. Blue male, 2 weeks

Ms Purple female, 2 weeks

Mr. Black male, 2 weeks

Family 2 weeks old

Mr. Blue male, 3 weeks

Ms Purple female, 3 weeks

Mr. Black male, 3 weeks

Family 3 weeks old

Banana and Ranger 2017

Super Bowl Puppies! Banana and Ranger had a litter of four on February 5, 2017. Mr. Green was the first puppy, Ms. Pink was second and the only female puppy, Mr. Brown was the third puppy, and Mr. Red was the fourth puppy. Banana is eating and recovering well. She is a very attentive and protective mom—nursing and caring for her babies and ensuring they are kept happy. These puppies already have excellent conformation exhibiting well-balanced stocky bodies, short noses, proper black pigmentation, short carrot tails and coal-colored intelligent eyes.  These spunky puppies will grow into beautiful looking Westies and become loyal and protective family members, providing companionship for life.

Papa: our very handsome stud.

Momma: our very happy female.

Resting: 5 weeks pregnant.

6 weeks pregnant.

7 weeks pregnant.

8 weeks pregnant.

In labor.

Nursing her new family.

1st Day of new family.

Mr. Green male, 1st born

Ms Pink female, 2nd born

Mr. Brown male, 3rd born

Mr. Red male, 4th born

Family 2 weeks old

Mr. Green 2 weeks old

Ms. Pink 2 weeks old

Mr. Brown 2 weeks old

Mr. Red 2 weeks old

Family 3 weeks old

Mr. Green 3 weeks old

Ms. Pink 3 weeks old

Mr. Brown 3 weeks old

Mr. Red 3 weeks old

Mr. Green 4 weeks old

Ms. Pink 4 weeks old

Mr. Brown 4 weeks old

Mr. Red 4 weeks old


Puppies 5 weeks old

Mr. Green 5 weeks old

Ms. Pink 5 weeks old

Mr. Brown 5 weeks old

Mr. Red 5 weeks old

Mr. Green 6 weeks old

Ms. Pink 6 weeks old

Mr. Brown 6 weeks old

Mr. Red 6 weeks old

Mr. Green 7 weeks old

Ms. Pink 7 weeks old

Mr. Brown 7 weeks old

Mr. Red 7 weeks old

Mr. Green 8 weeks old

Ms. Pink 8 weeks old

Mr. Brown 8 weeks old

Mr. Red 8 weeks old

This is the second litter for Banana and Ranger. Their first litter of two puppies was delivered on July 25, 2016, please view our Past Litters Page for more information regarding previous litters.

Strawberry & Ranger 2016

Strawberry delivered seven puppies on May 16, 2016. She had a difficult pregnancy from the very beginning experiencing morning sickness and lack of appetite.  She is one tough Westie, but aren’t all Westies tough? All of her puppies were healthy and went on to find loving and caring homes where each could thrive and be a part of a forever family. As you can see from the pictures from birth to 8 weeks, they are indeed spunky Westies with all of the attributes of the breed. Strawberry is one special dog! My vet, Doc Holly in Hayden, helped at each important step of the way, as did her assistant Jeanane.