When the summer heat has taken root and the cold winter days are gone, dogs and pups can be affected by the summer heat by contracting heat stroke, just like humans. In the course of the day or night, always ensure that your dog gets lots of cool fresh water all the time. This is irrespective of whether he/she spends much of the time indoors or not.  Also, cool shade, preferably from a large tree or bush since these do not retain much heat as man-made structures.

Evaporation from the leaves of trees facilitates cooling of surrounding air which is pleasant to dogs. If certain that the next day would be hot, it’s good to wet the ground around the tree or bush, which will be shaded when the heat of the day comes in. Wet it during the evening the day before to keep the ground damp but not muddy when morning comes.  The dampness and shade of the tree will be suitable for your dog to spend his/her time with you or alone.

Swimming With Your Dog

When the weather is favorable, and you want to cool down in the swimming pool, some owners would want to take their dogs with them in the water. This is not advisable. You shouldn’t allow your dog into the swimming pool. Pools are full of chlorine and other reagents such as acids to control bacterial and fungal growth. These compounds are detrimental to you as well as your dog’s skin. Chlorine and acids in the pool can result in redness, flaking, itching and some extent, open sores, and hair loss. Don’t forget the effects of these chemicals on the eyes. Keep your Puppy of the pool!

Summer Dog Tips

Shaving Your Dog

Many dog owners believe that when the naturally long hair on their dog is clipped to a short level, it will help keep them cool during the hot summer. The opposite of what they believe is what happens. The hair act as a barrier that keeps the outside heat away, just like a house’s insulation keeps the day heat away. When it’s hot, we perspire as well as put on light clothing to keep as cool. However, this does not happen with dogs: they don’t sweat. The dogs only perspire through their tongue and pads of their feet. Moisture found in their throat, mouth, and lungs help in the cooling process when the dog takes a breath. When the air is taken in is cooler, the better it will be for the dog cool his/her body.

Summer Dog Tips

Body Mass About Heat

Body mass accounts for a considerable amount of heat lost or gained by the dog. This means that smaller dogs are more likely to be affected by heat as compared to bigger dogs. This is because small sized dogs do not have the body mass to help them distribute the heat. Bear in mind that shaving your dog regardless of their body size isn’t going to help them stay cool during the hot summer. In fact, it will just result in an opposite of what you wanted to achieve.

Summer Dog Tips

Exposure To Pesticides And Fertilizers

There are some things you need to be cautious of especially during the warm months. These are pesticides, fertilizers, and such related chemicals. Applying the fertilizer on your lawn can help you achieve a nice green appealing look. But you should always keep your dog away from the lawn for a period not less than three weeks while watering it heavily each day. Remember you kids are also prone to the dangers of the fertilizers so keep them off too.

Fertilizers and pesticides are made of chemicals which only increase chances of contracting various types of cancers. The skin can easily absorb any of the chemicals available on the grass. On finding their way into the body, the chemicals can result in detrimental effects through the toxins being taken to the liver.  In an attempt to get rid of these toxins, the continuous struggle will finally overpower the liver. This can result in severe cancer or damage to this important organ.

Be cautious with these chemicals. Don’t use them too often, only when it’s necessary. If you’ve cared enough to read this far, then my efforts to author this text were worth it.

Summer Dog Tips


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