My primary objective is to provide my clients with the best quality West Highland White Terriers at reasonable prices plus ongoing support.

At La Terra Dios Westies, we are pleased to make available only the finest quality West Highland White Terrier puppies to discriminating Westie owners. I provide a two-year health warranty for each puppy plus continuous support to safeguard the puppies’ well-being and ensure an excellent owner-puppy relationship. At La Terra Dios Westies, I provide at least one Westie litter each year from our breeders, with a focus on the health, happy disposition and finest conformation expected of a Westie dog.

Our Westie puppies are exceptional

La Terra Dios Westies makes it easier to take note of a high-quality Westie. Our Westie puppies are well taken care of such that they will catch an owner’s eye instantly. Our puppies have a sharp look and are immaculate. You won’t come across any ratty or unkempt puppies at La Terra Dios Westies. Their ears are of the right size, perfectly matching their heads, with relatively short snouts and non-curvy tails. Their health is excellent and this is evidenced by their compact bodies that exhibit a strong bone structure.

What La Terra Dios Westies offers

My primary objective is to provide my clients with the best quality West Highland White Terriers at reasonable prices plus ongoing support. My Westie puppy care support extends as long as needed and whenever needed by the puppy owner.
Through my puppy care services after obtaining a Westie from La Terra Dios Westies, life with your new companion will never be the same—forever changed for the better.


We guarantee high-quality puppies from our La Terra Dios Westies.

We guarantee high-quality puppies from La Terra Dios Westies. When in search of a high quality and outstanding Westie, take your time to look around, research and compare. Make as many inquiries as possible regarding the breeders. High-quality breeders will never get frustrated with a potential owner or a new owner’s questions. They take pride in addressing issues and strive to provide satisfactory answers where and when possible. 
Do note that pet stores will not provide anything more than just puppy mill” puppies. An A.K.C. registration is not a full guarantee of quality. Guarantees of high quality should include a reputable breeder, and responsible breeding practices, quality breeding stock, good canine temperament, good pigmentation, dense coat, healthy bloodlines, and other breed attributes according to A.K.C. regulations. 
If you are thinking about visiting a pet store, you may want to bear this in mind first: if the puppy is sold for a price of $500, then the store most likely paid around $200-$250 for the puppy. No single reputable breeder would sell a high-quality puppy valued between $2500-3000 at a price of $500. Most pet shops only provide the low-quality puppies at lower prices. In short, the price of a puppy is a reflection of its quality. 


Our current prices vary depending on the gender of the puppy. Our prices range from $2500-$3000.



Training is an important responsibility for any dog owner. We cover house training, lead training, commands, and more!



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Offering exceptional service revolves around me listening to you and providing satisfactory answers to all questions you have. That is exactly what I specialize in as far as attending to my clients’ needs. I work with my clients in every step of transition of Westie puppy ownership from me to them. I will have you fully engaged and involved in choosing the puppy with the best personality that matches your preferences and needs.
To connect with more Westie enthusiasts, I have showcased necessary information through my website. I have provided content for the purpose of enhancing your knowledge regarding Westies. I also provide a long-term support as well as advice to every Westie puppy owner. I particularly do this to ensure that my puppies’ ownership is transferred to suitable owners who will provide them with exceptional care and a home for shelter. I believe that when the right puppy is matched to an appropriate owner, the love that develops between the new family and puppy is one of a kind.

Our Available Puppies

As of this time, I’m planning to breed another of my girls late this year, which will make her litter available in the early Spring of 2018. If you have interest, it would be wise to submit your application, soon.


More information on Westies

If you’d like more information about West Highland White Terrier puppies, kindly visit The American Kennel Club website where there is plenty of useful content about the breed and its beauty. Through this site, you will learn a lot of essential tips that will guide you towards taking good care of these beautiful companions.