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I have worked for years to breed the very best and healthiest West Highland White Terriers possible.

My name is Joyce Morales and Westies are my passion. I am a very discerning breeder of West Highland White Terriers, known to many as Westies, and a devoted owner and lover of Westie terriers. Rearing these cute puppies and intelligent dogs have been my lifelong passion and hobby, and I have been doing it on a professional level for 29 years as La Terra Dios Westies. La Terra Dios is Spanish for “the land of God,” the name of my former husband’s and my beautiful ranch in Clark Fork, Idaho and where I began breeding Westies on a professional level. My Westies and I relocated to Post Falls, Idaho – a 2-hour drive south of this beloved Clark Fork Ranch – about six years ago. La Terra Dios Westies now specializes in more improved westie services – something that has attracted the attention of Westie lovers and enthusiasts both far and near to me. I am very particular about certain attributes for my dogs and am dedicated to developing only high-quality Westie dogs. This means that finding a healthy, well-formed, smart, cute and friendly Westie pup is not going to be difficult. These dogs with an origin from the Scottish western highlands are known for their bright white coat and warm personality.

I give my puppies the very best of personal treatment which also extends to pet owners whenever they need my services, no matter if it has been five weeks, five months or 5 years since they acquired one of my puppies. Every single Westie puppy at La Terra Dios receives all appropriate vaccines. Also, my puppies comes with a full health warranty lasting two years and adequate potty training to get them started with their new master. I also have a fully functioning, highly skilled dog grooming service to keep Westies (and other breeds) well-groomed and looking their best.

Joyce listening to her Westies

Joyce’s Westies love her


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