The US market is flooded more than 200 different botanical herbs availed as remedies for various health concerns on humans and animals. It is now very common to see virtually any other ad we read with words like “Natural & Herbal” included. These marketers have already found out that we are in a chemical ridden society and anyone out there cannot look twice at anything with such nice words relating the products with nature.  We need to be skeptical and regard such ad words as gospel!

There are lots of things are “Natural and Herbal” in nature, but are vary from being slightly toxic to very toxic depending on the period and dosage administered.  Take Arsenic, for instance, its “natural,” but would you love to add it to your morning cereal? I have listed a couple of natural and herbal supplements that can affect your dog’s health and result in death:


This is surely another natural yet problematic to dogs. Do not be fooled! There are so many outlets and individuals who claim that high dose of garlic can keep mosquitos and fleas away from your dog. Well, that may work with in that respect. However, this herb is highly toxic to your dog, despite the fact that we can eat it. It may take as long as days, weeks or months, but rest assured it will certainly kill your dog!

Garlic can cause a potentially harmful conditions known as Heinz body anemia. If you have noticed, many other dog foods contain small amounts of garlic as an ingredient but is listed down the list of ingredients.  Normally ingredients in a product are listed in a decreasing quantity order. Whenever garlic has been listed, it’s in traces. I have never understood why it is even included there as an ingredient since there is no evidence as of now I’ve come across stating that dogs need it!


As a matter of fact, most of the packaged drinking water have been found to contain little amounts of arsenic in them. We hope the amount is a minor because very little of it can be filtered out by the liver and kidney.

When the amounts are increased considerably, these essential organs of the body will become overwhelmed to the point of failing to eliminate the toxins from the body. As in the case of the Foxglove family of plants, they are natural but can kill any warm-blooded organism any minute! We need to look into everything and do our research to determine what is safe and what can result to health problems!


 Another “herbal” product is COMFRY, regarded as ideal for the healing of bones, but again misses the statement that it is carcinogenic – contains compounds that can result in cancer and damage of liver! This product has been promoted as a “Natural Herb” by the “herbal world.” Thank goodness, today it is one of the most highly regulated products and least in Germany, Canada, and the US.

Tea Tree and Hops

Tea Tree Oil and Hops are also regarded as herbal and seemingly harmless but can cause health concerns to dogs. I’m not certain about hops since I haven’t researched deeply on it. But am pretty sure that tea tree oil is harmful and should be used carefully and only by those who understand how it is used. These are dangerous to your dog!

Pennyroyal Oil

Take Pennyroyal Oil, for instance; it is regarded as “natural” repellent for fleas. It does repel fleas as said to some extent, but what is missing from these ads is that the product is HIGHLY TOXIC and can cause death to your animal or you!

Dandelion and Parsley

These are equally harmful to your dog as they can cause kidney diseases.

Echinacea and Kelp

Echinacea can result in autoimmune diseases. Kelp is harmful and can cause thyroid disease.

Motherwort and Barberry

Very dangerous and can adversely affect the heart, resulting in heart diseases.

Beware Of Testimonials

What is the first and most important thing that skeptical and caring dog owners should do in such times of high chemical prevalence to save our dogs and those of others?  We should not take the “gospel” of “Natural and Herbal”!

Don’t believe any testimonials on any website, written or visual adverts! Remember, those giving testimonies have been handsomely paid to say what they’ve been directed to say. It’s not happening out of the good heart. They are simply paid, actors! In the case of written ads, it’s possible for anyone to come up with numerous fake testimonials, each signed with different names and zip codes! A good number of such ads are nothing but a fake! Before deciding to trust any of those ads, you should be armed with credible information from trusted sources such as the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed and MedlinePlus.

These sources are recommended by the National Institutes of Health. You can as well trust information from highly qualified Veterinary herbalists.  As the need for herbal remedies increases, the veterinary community increases the number of vet herbalists. We hope that this content was of much help and will inspire you to do thorough research before deciding to start using just anything that preaches the gospel of “Natural and Herbal.” In this times, nearly everyone is fighting to get a share of our hard earned buck, so there is a dire need for every one of us to be well informed so as not to be deceived.


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