Our mission is to make available excellent West Highland White Terrier Puppies for “Discriminating Parents.”

Before you begin your search, it is of the utmost importance to fully understand the Westie and what to look for before making any commitment. High-Quality Westies will always look sharp and clean, not ratty and unkempt. Their ears will not appear too large for their head, their nose should be relatively short, tails should not curve over the back to any extent, and they should seem to be compactly structured exhibiting healthy bones. Reputable breeders are always happy to give as much information as needed to make you assured and comfortable. Having A.K.C. reg does not guarantee quality. Some things to consider in regards to quality breeder are responsible breeding practices, great canine temperament, thick coats, good pigmentation, healthy bloodlines, and then, A.K.C. reg. are what makes a good canine family member. Think about this regarding Pet Shops: If they are selling a puppy for $500.00, you can assume the Shop paid around $200.00 to $250.00 for it. No reputable breeder would sell a quality $1000.00 to $1500.00 puppy for that price. It’s only poor quality “Puppy Mill” pups that turn up in pet shops.

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It has been a pleasure knowing I have been allowed to play a part in bringing the type of love and companionship I know your little white addition will cause to flow through your life.

I have worked for years to breed the very best and healthiest West Highland White Terriers possible. One thing you need to be aware of is that possibly, even from the creation of the Westie, allergies have been associated with this breed. My breeding pairs and their close lineage are/were very healthy dogs and showed no signs of on-going allergies problems. Even though we are very diligent in this regard, it is not impossible that an allergic condition could flare-up, or an entirely new condition may develop to any given puppy/dog. At times, this may only be a temporary condition treated by a change in diet or short term medication. There is no way I can guarantee any given puppy will never show an allergic condition. I will always do everything reasonable concerning your puppy/dog.

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I’ll be very honest it was the best day for me to have found La Terra Dios site. I was on the hunt for almost two years! So as soon as I came upon the site, and had a chance to speak with Rodger and Joyce, I knew my hunt was over. They were very friendly and attentive with me, but never deviated from the fact that their babies were a priority. My experience has been excellent !!!!!!. They have answered every and any questions and fears I could have had as a new pet owner. My Rio’s birth from start to finish was like having a real child of my own. What an exhilarating experienced it was to be able to see and witness my puppies life from the start. We received him when he was almost 2 1/2 month old. After I was reassured that the flight would be very safe. I have to say my Rio arrived perfect and he has been the joy of our lives. He is a cocky little smart as a whip, boy! Loving and inquisitive and healthy as a bull. He is the talk of our building from the moment he arrived people wanted to know all about him, and they say he is quite the perfect little westie. He always gets all the attention were ever we go.

Elizabeth Tenety, Proud owner of Master Rio

My experience has been a very positive one with Rodger and Joyce Morales and their La Terra Dios Ranch. Zoey and Roxy have been excellent pets and healthy members of our family. My wife and I searched for nearly a year before purchasing our Westies from Rodger and Joyce. They were highly recommended to us by two breeders of Westies, one of which purchases her breeding stock from La Terra Dios Ranch. It is my understanding and observation that Westies from La Terra Dios Ranch are noted for being larger, healthier and their females have larger litters, i.e., 6-8 puppies vs. typical 4-5 puppies. I believe this is a direct result of Rodger and Joyce’s careful breeding practices and philosophy of resting their stock while providing a loving, happy and healthy living environment in beautiful Idaho.

Roy Alzua, Proud Owners of Zoey and Roxy



Please contact us below. We would love to hear from you whether it is to inquire about our puppies or to learn more about the Westie breed!

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